Collaborating for

improved outcomes

Our Work

The Collaborative Health Network, LLC (CHN) is a provider-owned, statewide network of North Carolina providers focused on improving the quality of care and reducing costs.
The founding members are dedicated to supporting meaningful collaboration to improve the quality of service delivery and health outcomes. Collaborative Health Network creates strong partnerships with North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services, payors, and providers across the healthcare continuum and social services organizations to improve the health of people across North Carolina.

Our History

Collaborative Health Network, LLC (CHN) was launched in 2020 by seven providers who came together with the goal of improving the quality of care and consumer experience. CHN members work to improve patient care and decrease healthcare expenses by demonstrating value in the market while focusing on value-based care.

Our CHN Mission and Principles

We unapologetically commit to aligning our culture and business practices to be a beacon of diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and belonging for all people. CHN is committed to creating a culture of empowerment, learning, and empathy in serving diverse populations.

- The DEI lens is applied within all CHN projects
- Diverse and inclusive teams are important in business performance and assist to fuel innovation
- DEI best practices, resources, and metrics are shared among CHN members
- CHN will provide ongoing DEI education and toolkits to CHN members

Our Offerings

Collaborative Health Network supports the advanced tools and technology needed to be an established Tailored Care Management Agency (CMAs). By sharing resources, CHN seeks to build a modern technological infrastructure that will allow providers to compete effectively as CMA’s and lay the groundwork for advanced alternative payment strategies.

We have built the following infrastructure:

Care Management Platform

Care Management platform that meets the requirements of the Tailored Plan Care Management. CHN will ensure the platform meets the needs of member agencies and has the required data exchange capabilities as described in the Tailored Plan CMA manual with all LME/MCOs, the North Carolina Health Information Exchange, as well as other value-added data exchanges.

Data Repository

Data Repository that collects data from all CHN network providers, LME/MCOs, DHHS, NC Health Information Exchange, and other data sources to support Tailored Care Management operations.

Advanced Business Intelligence Platform

Advanced Business Intelligence platform in which each provider can access a standardized quality dashboard based on the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services quality measures and compare across CHN providers, all state providers, and national benchmarks for quality improvement.

Interoperability Bridge

Interoperability Bridge that enables CHN providers to perform real-time queries of healthcare data directly from hospital and healthcare systems providing direct data feedback with health systems’ electronic health records. This bridge will meet the interoperability service requirements of the Federal EHR certification, the “2015 Edition Cures Update” that was created in 2020.

Population Health Tools

Population Health Tools that provide insights into the connection between utilization and risk. These tools position CHN providers to better understand consumer actions in regard to care and take accountability for services to improve the health of populations served while lowering overall healthcare costs.

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We’d love to hear from you.

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